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About Us

Our History

We are a family with a diversity of cultural ideas and thoughts about what food should be. Fusion Recipes originated when two people came together and fell in love. One of us started her journey through life in Malaysia, where she was exposed to a diversity of Asian foods including some of her own family favorites. The other started out in Canada with a taste for typical Western style foods. Throughout our process of growing together, we’ve steadily built a blend of tastes in food that is we believe is uniquely diversified, delicious and healthy. We hope that you enjoy our recipes and our meal ideas.

Our Viewpoint

We believe that ingredients and cooking techniques from different cultures can be combined to create new fusion foods. Whether you are looking for healthy dinner recipes, sweet desserts and cookies, or hot and spicy meal ideas, you will find it here, created and prepared in both traditional and non-traditional ways. We combine the flavors of Chinese, Italian, Indian, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, American and many more cultures to create delicious food. Our goal is to build a platform for collaborating to create better tasting food by fusing ideas from many cultures.