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Cuban Style Beef Tacos

This recipe is more of a stew, and the gravy adds to the flavor of the tacos. Because of the gravy there is no need for additional salsa to be added to the tacos.

Jamaican Inspired Sweet Coco Bread

This bread recipe is inspired by the Jamaican Coco Bread recipe. Some changes made to the traditional recipe is the shape and an increased amount of sugar, so that it is now a sweet bread. Though sweeter than the original, it is only mildly sweet, so topping it with some honey completes the flavor. Goes very well with some tea.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

A hot and spicy Jamaican grilled chicken perfect for a summer barbeque. One of my favorite spice mixes for the grill.

Jamaican Jerk Lamb

This recipe is a variation of the Jerk Chicken, using most of the spices in dry form, hopefully reducing preparation time. This dish could make a great weeknight meal!

Jamaican Jerk Pork Sandwich

This sandwich is a great hot sandwich. It is spicy, as most Jerks are, but layered with sweet red peppers and sweet red onions.

Jamaican Style Pepper Shrimp

This recipe combines shrimps with very hot Scotch Bonnet peppers. Traditionally this dish is eaten as an appetizer, but here I have added a few vegetables to make it part of a meal.

Spicy Jamaican Like Patties

A fusion of Indian samosas and Jamaican patties. The filling is made with potatoes instead of bread crumbs that is commonly used in traditional Jamaican patties. The potatoes make the meat filling tender and moist.

Trini Style Pepper Shrimp

This dish was inspired by the Trinidadian style of making shrimp. A little sweet, a little sour and spicy all at once. Many different layers of flavors on sweet tasting shrimp and red peppers....