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Cambodian Inspired Spicy Shrimp and Eggplant

I had been craving for some eggplant, tender and saucy, the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant. My friend Nancy whose family is from Cambodia gave me some tips years ago, on how to make tender eggplant withOUT having to fry it first. Spray the intact eggplant (skin on) with cooking oil, and cook in the oven until it is tender. Then remove from oven, remove skin, cut into bite sized pieces, and mix it into a stir fry. What a wonderful idea, thanks Nance! Years later it’s still a hit at my house. Cambodian Inspired Spicy Shrimp and Eggplant.

Cambodian Inspired Spicy Shrimp and Eggplant – what makes this dish different from the traditional dish is that I do not use ground pork. I really like the lightness of the shrimps and didn’t want to weigh it down with pork. I also used hot chilli oil and chilli paste in order to add color to the sauce. I added some basil on top as a garnish, which really imparted a lot of flavor to the meal as a whole, in my opinion. I hope you will like it. It is my favorite eggplant dish!

Contributed by Fusion Recipes