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Easy Indian Fusion Tikka Masala Chicken

One of our family's favorite fusion Indian dishes is Tikka Masala. We love how rich, sweet and spicy Tikka Masala is, all in the same bite. Tikka Masala was born as a fusion dish, to accustom the British to Indian curries. Fifty years later, it is still alive and kicking, at least in restaurants in United States. Making it at home has enabled me to adjust to the different spice needs of our different family members. I add a little more chili powder to the curry after I remove the kids' portion. To simplify the curry, I use Garam Masala (easily available at Indian stores or can be home made using different spice powders) as a base spice powder. Unwilling to discard the flavorful chicken marinade, I add the cooked marinade to rice to make Yogurt Lime Rice. Tikka Masala Chicken works well as a wrap, as a filling in quesadilla and empanadas, as a dipping sauce for various flatbreads or just as a side to rice. I hope to try Tikka Masala with lamb in the near future. Stay tuned!

Contributed by Fusion Recipes