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Hot Drinks on Cold Nights

There is nothing better than a hot beverage on a cool winter's night. Here are a few ideas to keep warm and toasty from the inside out, whether you're out on a snowy hike, or looking to keep warm by the fireplace.

Honey Ginger Tea - If you like ginger, this one will keep you smiling. Sweet and spicy but light.

Milk Tea - If you like milk tea, this recipe will make you happy. Feel free to try with your favorite teas.

Hot Chocolate - Calling all chocolate fans, this recipe with let you have your chocolate and drink it too!

Hot Spiced Apple Cider - Okay, this one is a store bought option. Warm some apple cider in a pot, pour into a thermos and enjoy on your snowy hike. Alternatively, sit by a cozy fireplace and enjoy.

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