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Bringing Home Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a local Hawaiian dish. We enjoyed it on our visit to the Big Island. It consists of steamed rice, fried egg and a protein of some sort. Traditionally, a hamburger patty is topped with gravy as the protein. Nowadays, a variety of different proteins are used. Spam and Portuguese sausage are popular versions of this dish on the Big Island. I like to add some lettuce on top to round off the dish. Feel free to substitute with any veggie, cooked or fresh. Feel free to substitute leftover dinners for the protein. Teriyaki pork works well as well. I have also used boiled egg instead of fried egg. I use Loco Moco often on our hiking lunches. They're easy to make ahead, hearty, simple and tasty. It's one of only a few portable lunches everyone in my house can agree on.

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