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Burmese Inspired Pork Curry

As a curry lover, I enjoy trying all the different curries the world has to offer. This recipe caught my eye the second I came across it. As a mom trying to bridge the hot spicy flavors that the adults in my family crave, and the milder flavors that my kids desire, I have tweaked the recipe slightly to fit with my cooking style and tastes. I have added some potatoes to help thicken the curry, soak up all the good flavors that the gravy has to offer and to satisfy the kids' love for potatoes. I have also added whole chilies to the curry just as I remove it from heat, for my husband and I, to increase the spice level of the curry as a whole, without spicing up the curry too much. It's one of our favorite meat and potato dishes in our house, served over steamed rice of course!