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Fresh Hot Chilies....

If you have cooked with my recipes, you might notice that I use fresh hot chilies in many of my savory dishes.  As you may know, I really like spicy foods,and love the freshness that fresh hot chilies bring to a dish.    The choices of fresh hot chilies are plentiful…. Jalapeno for a mild hot (most of the time), Serrano and Thai for a medium hot, and Habanero and Naga Peppers for a volcano hot…  The only drawback is that fresh hot chilies don’t color a dish red; that’s when I supplement with the many hot chili condiments available…. Both homemade and store bought.  Here are some of my Homemade Chili Condiments:

Sichuan Chili Oil,     Shrimp Hot Chili Oil  

Hot Chili Oil,    Vinegar Green Chili,