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Home-made Oat Flour Has It's Advantages

We like how moist oatmeal cookies are - the oatmeal seems to hold in moisture, making it less dry. What I don't like is the rough texture of the oatmeal. So I decided to put my food processor to work, grinding up the oatmeal to the finest that my food processor can handle. Oat Flour tends to make things crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and a little nutty in flavor. It also has a sweetness to it, paving the way for sugar reduction.  In my “Healthy “ Brownies for example, I was able to cut the amount of sugar into half without compromising sweetness or texture. The one thing I did have to do is increase baking powder to provide for the same level of “rise”. Since then, I have started to work in Oat Flour into cookie recipes. Stay tuned….