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Pressure Cooker for Soups...and More

My dearest husband got me an early Christmas present.  A Pressure Cooker.  A 7 in 1 Stainless Steel Instant Pot.  It Sautees, Steams, Rice Cooks, Slow Cooks, Makes Yogurt, Makes Glutinous Rice and of course Pressure Cooks.  I had heard so much about pressure cookers, but hadn't had the pleasure of using one.... until now.  So far I have tried making Taiwanese Inspired Three Cup ChickenCrockpot Italian Creamy Sausage SoupBurmese Inspired Pork Curry and am in the process of testing out a Beef Stew Noodle Soup recipe.  The Beef Stew Soup took about an hour and the the others took about  15 to 30 minutes.  It's amazing how much this little machine of a cooker can cut cooking times to just a fraction of what it normally takes.   Gone are the days of babysitting a pot of chicken soup on the stove for 3 to 4 hours waiting for all the meat to fall off the bones, having to come back the entire time to stir to prevent burning or boiling over.  I have also used the Sautee function several times.  I have always wanted to brown onions and meats before placing in the slow cooker .... without dirtying another pot.  Now I can, all in ONE pot.  Exciting news for a busy mom!  I hope to try making more curries in it too.  I will keep you posted!