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Semi-Homemade Custom-Flavored Mini Pizzas

My kids are huge fans of pizza. I don't think I have met a kid who is not, yet. I like making home-made pizza because I can make different flavors. I have found a quick way to making custom flavored pizzas. I use ready-made flat breads (naans or pitas) as my pizza crust and put on our favorite toppings. In my case, the easiest toppings available are leftovers from last night's dinner: Jerk Chicken with BBQ sauce, Hummus as a sauce base with shredded rotisserie chicken or roasted sweet peppers, shredded Coconut Curry Chicken or Chicken Tikka Masala. I'm guessing Indian Curried Mashed Eggplant would also make a nice saucy topping. Top all of these with a generous sprinkling of shredded cheese. Any curry or any saucy dish will do as a topping. Feel free to add onion rings if you'd like, or any roasted veggie. Just make everything bite-sized and you've got yourself some unique personal-sized pizzas for any meal or snack.

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