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What to do with Broccoli Stems?

Do you ever wonder what you can do with Broccoli stems?  I usually roast or stir fry my broccoli florets, and the stems just don’t quite fit in. I was eating at my favorite Sichuan restaurant having pickled vegetables made with broccoli stems.  That’s when it dawned on me… Broccoli stems can be diced and used in any dish needing the use of diced vegetables.  It tastes a little sweet after being cooked, almost like a sweeter version of celery stalks.  So far, I use broccoli stems in these dishes:

Fried Rice (of any kind – Chinese, Sichuan Chili, Malaysian, Korean)

Breakfast Burrito (as part of the diced veggie combination)

Vietnamese Beef Stew (or any stew or soup that requires a lot of diced veggies)

Sichuan Hot Chili Pickled Veggies (recipe soon to be posted)

Spicy Teriyaki Pasta Salad (or Korean GoChujang Pasta salad, julienned like carrots)

Pasta and Ground Beef Stir Fry